Monitoring and Asset Management for Renewables Energy

Remote Meter Reading

For the meters and incentives management 

A tool based on R-Cloud proprietary web platform, dedicated to photovoltaic plant owners and industry players: production meter reading, automatic check with the Enel Distribuzione Portal, automatic control of the GSE payments. The incentives payment delays, due to the lack of production meter readings, create Cash Flow problems  to the owners of photovoltaic and wind systems

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Energy Sale

For the energy sale management

A web tool based on R-Cloud proprietary platform, for owners of photovoltaic systems and industry players. It uses the Energy Production Load Profiles from Enel Distribuzione Portal and the Energy Price from the Day-Ahead Power Market (MGP) to determine the value of the produced energy. It helps in controlling income coming from traders.

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For supervising

Flexible and professional monitoring portal based on R-Cloud proprietary web platform, always available via the internet on any device. A convenient tool for the management of photovoltaic and wind installations thanks to a well-organized user interface

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SCADA Monitoring and Control systems have a central strategic importance in the photovoltaic and wind farm management: they give a complete and real-time picture of the operation or of any anomalies in the systems, even remotely. Specific experiences and professionals are needed then, in order to face different technical challenges that a SCADA monitoring system creates.

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