Datalogger for R-Cloud Platform

Designed for Monitoring Systems of Photovoltaic Installations and Wind Farms based on R-Cloud Platform




Real-time data acquisition

The Drop is based on the credit-card-sized Linux computer BeagleBone Black and comes with linux embedded preinstalled. The BeagleBone Black has dual flash memory (4GB onboard and external micro SD) which makes it extremely flexible and robust for data storage and device reliability. The preinstalled software libraries and hardware peripherals allow the GWi EVO to operate in a Modbus RTU/TCP network and provide support for communication with meters compatible with the DLMS/IEC 62056 standard. Data can be shared, received and sent via Ethernet (10/100Mbps), WiFi and/or the integrated GSM/GPRS modem. The modem embeds an interesting feature that allows you to perform diagnostics or emergency reboots remotely by simply sending an SMS. The USB port allow to connect a Bluetooth or BLE dongle and give the possibility to develop, in linux environment, application based on those tecnologies. The Drop can be integrated into existing monitoring systems thanks to its standard communication interfaces and to preinstalled software libraries

Main Features

Modbus TCP/RTU network Management

ModBus gateway

TCP/IP and VPN routing features

Instant access and storage of all the data from the sensors

Data export through documented HTTP JSON API

History of measurements

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