Support on monitoring systems for Photovoltaic and Wind


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data ACQUISITION) and Monitoring systems have a great strategic importance in the management of photovoltaic and wind systems: they provide a complete and real-time glance of any system malfunction, even remotely.

The SCADA systems currently on the market monitoring are able to detect and record the weather and electrical data in different points of the energy production and conversion/transformation chain, thus allowing to keep under control the operation of the system and to quickly detect any faults/malfunctions that may affect the production and the safety.

The high importance of the monitoring system in the Operational Management is now confirmed by the attention that the market is placing in these systems. On the other hand, it is equally established the need of specific skills, experience and appropriate organizational structures to be able to face the several technical challenges that a SCADA system needs.

For this reason, we offer with more and more successful a technical support focused on analyzing the SCADA installed and any need for integration and technical support.

Usually we offer two types or phases of activities:

  • As Built Analysis. At this stage the study of the system architecture is performed, the theoretical analysis of the number of sensors, verification of connectivity, participation in conference calls and any site inspections of the photovoltaic or wind installation.
  • Technical Support. At this stage the technical support is given in order to solve possible problems of SCADA system installed on the photovoltaic or wind system and found during the previous activities. The first phase will define precisely the type and characteristics of the available hardware devices. With this information we can provide technical support aimed to the correct SCADA operation according to the required specifications.