Octopus Middleware


There are several different monitoring systems on the market. Each of them has:

  • Different user interfaces
  • Various formats
  • Diverse data visualizations

For this reason, the operators have to use

  • Diversified portals
  • Miscellaneous usernames and passwords
  • Incongruous workflows

Octopus Middleware is a tool offering a bridge between all the different monitoring systems and the Business Analytics Service or Business Intelligence System in use in your company.

Octopus offers the following functionalities:

  • Native integration with our Remote Meter Reading system
  • Automatic data download from the main PV Monitoring Systems (VCOM, GPM, Skytron)
  • Automatic data download from the energy trader
  • API, xml, json, csv, xls interface to export all the data to the Business Intelligence Systems used within the company
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