About Us

Raptech was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Our staff is made up of experienced qualified Engineers and PhDs.

We offer our customers Monitoring solutions and support.

Our solutions have been specifically designed for industrial monitoring and have been successfully applied in Italy, Spain and UK to monitor the energy production in photovoltaic systems and wind turbines (our systems have been used to monitor 730MW), energy flows in factories and environmental parameters.

Our products use a multi-protocol and multi-standard approach so that they are reliable and effective. The acquired data are collected and transmitted to our servers where they can be managed, analyzed and displayed intuitively on our Portal R-Cloud, accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone.

Raptech continuously develops and improves its products, thanks to its long experience and continuous feedback from its customers.


Marco Berliocchi

Alessandro Bolognesi

What we do:

  • ICT for Renewable Energy
  • Dataloggers
  • Innovative solutions
  • Monitoring portals
  • Support on monitoring systems for Photovoltaic and Wind systems

Raptech is part of Kenergia Group.

Kenergia is an operating holding company directly involved in technical advisory services, advanced diagnostic for photovoltaic generators and R&D projects on new business models in the field of renewable energies. This continuous commitment to try to anticipate the demands of a market in continuous ferment and to respond professionally to the needs of plant owners, investors and individuals, led to the foundation of specific companies to solve the different problems.